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I live @ 120 Saint Marks as of right now.

1. We moved in and everything was broken. Dryer door was cracked, outlet covers were missing, cover for the thermostat is missing, toilet seat was broken, toilet paper holder was ripped out of the wall. etc etc. it's been 4 months and some things have been taken care of but it requires you to personally harass the super or one of the guys who works for the super.

2. I've lived in 8 different apartments in NYC and Magnum management is by far the worst people ever to deal with. They're not just the worst at management, but the most RUDE people i've ever spoken to. They talk to you like they're at a bar fight. They are snippy, offensive, and do not listen to a single word you are saying. I ended up having to tell one of them, are you deaf? My rent check was returned to me as "not deliverable". My checks are sent out via CHASE, and i sent it using the same address as previously delivered. They are saying since the check never arrived on time, there's nothing they can do. I told them i can provide them proof from chase it was sent out on time and the address it was written to, and they said "that's still late" That is absurd. it's one thing if they're like hey it's policy i'm sorry this happened. but they just repeat "there's nothing we can do" over and over again like a broken record without even listening to you. first off, that's complete bullsh*t because there's A LOT they can do, including fixing our appliances, removing the fees ($450) as good faith.

oh yeah, and also, if you email them, don't bother. they LOVE telling their tenants, "we don't directly communicate with the tenants" like that's their prerogative.

they are very very very awful to deal with. so I just am crossing my fingers nothing else happens that i have to speak to them with. apartments are decent so you just have to deal with these kinds of people if you want an apartment from them.

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